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Darsonval Violet or Orange Ray

Base Violet Model(Bubble recommended)

Deluxe Orange Model

I am pleased to bring you a Custom Darsonval Ray, high frequency, Base Violet Model or Deluxe Orange Model. This is a device that I believe in and have used for quite some time. Invented some time ago, the idea was that an electric current would stimulate blood flow and circulation. There have been no FDA clinical trials for the Darsonval Ray to prove of its benefits and make concrete claims that it works. But numerous health and wellness professionals have used and recommended this product for years. I use the example of homeopathic medicine, there have been no FDA clinical trials like prescription medicines, but people have used different natural treatments for years with success and the field continues to grow.

Uses: I have used this device successfully for years to combat hair loss. It is believed that the main cause of hair loss is the buildup of DHT in the hair follicle and the lack of stimulation and blood circulation to the follicle. As the DHT builds up, the circulation to the follicle decreases, causing the growth cycle to get less and less. The hair follicle eventually dies. The Darsonval Ray stimulates the hair follicle to grow because of increased blood to the follicle, which in turn brings the nutrients it needs. It has worked for me for over 20 years. In addition, it is one of a few hair loss treatments that can be used by both males and females.

The Darsonval Ray has also been linked to the treatment of blemishes, acne, wrinkles, cellulite, massage, and other uses. Increasing blood circulation to the face for wrinkles is something I also use my Darsonval Ray for because increased blood circulation to a wrinkle on the face increases collagen production. I am all about keeping my face looking clear and young. Do some research on the topic and see for yourself the different uses it has in the health and beauty fields.

Manufactured for quality: Darsonval Rays are primarily made in China and there are a few manufacturers in Ukraine. As I learned, you can have two devices that look similar but the quality of one is much better than another. I did a lot of research and brand testing to pick a device that would be effective, of good quality, and safe for the novice user. I looked at a number of factors when finding the best Darsonval Ray. Characteristics such as durability of the electrode insert at the base of the unit or the time it takes to overheat.

Warranty: I am so confident in the quality craftsmanship of my custom Darsonval Rays I give them a 120-day warranty. A warranty for this type of device is unheard of. The warranty is for the base of the unit. The warranty doesn’t cover the electrodes that slide into the base. If you have a warranty claim all you pay for is shipping from a U.S. based address located in Florida. Even if you don’t buy from me make sure to check where a unit would need to be sent to for repairs because shipping can be very expensive, more than the cost of the device, to places like China (where most Darsonval Rays are manufactured).

Power: Last year, in addition to the warranty, we also changed the base of the units because we have increased the power of each device compared to previous models by 33%. Customer feedback on the prior model suggested that the increase in power would be safe. One of my concerns was when is too much power counterproductive? The idea of overstimulation. However, in using it for 6 months, prior to introduction, I realized the change is a welcome one. These Darsonval Rays has the approval and recommendation of

The power of a Darsonval Ray is in watts. Most new units come in 10 to 15 watts. My custom units are 30 watts. The new Darsonval Rays you see for sale today are considered “home-use” units. They don’t have as much power as the commercial units that were made years ago. Back then the commercial units were made for professional use and were commonly used in salons and hair loss clinics. However, home-use units like mine are just as effective. The only difference is the treatment time is longer to compensate for the decreased power. I highly recommend a home-use unit because they are safer (less chance of burning yourself). Always ask how many watts the Darsonval Ray is that you are considering purchasing.

Base Model: For this model we stopped including the glass rake electrode, which was an extra electrode.  We included the glass rake electrode thinking it would be more effective than the comb for hair loss, but in testing both produce a similar charge so dropping that electrode we are able to decrease the price from $74.99 to $63.99, which makes it more affordable.

Included with the Base Model is’s custom protocol and instructions based on our study of the device and how it is used.  Our custom protocol is our suggested use based on what we have seen in terms of success in getting maximum results.  The Base Model includes 4 electrodes, all violet color, that are mainly used on the scalp and face.  If you seek more electrodes for different uses beyond the scalp and face then we recommend our Deluxe Model.

Deluxe Model: The Deluxe Model is 30 watts like the Base Model, but it uses different components and it can produce a slightly stronger charge than the Base Model. The Deluxe Model also comes with 7 electrodes, all orange color.  More electrodes also mean more uses than the Base Model, for things like massage and treatment of other areas of the body in addition to the scalp and face.  In addition, some of the electrodes have metal coils within them which can produce a stronger charge.

Included with both models is’s custom protocol and instructions based on our study of the device and how it is used.  Our custom protocol is our suggested use based on what we have seen in terms of success in getting maximum results.  The Deluxe Model also includes more details on how to use the different electrodes for different areas of the body and which electrode for which treatment.

Caution: Please be aware that with any treatment there are risks. Use as directed. We choose these Darsonval Rays because the strength of it is enough to be effective as a treatment but not too much to burn yourself easily. You can burn yourself with these types of devices if the current is too high and if you use on one spot for too long. In addition some skin types are more sensitive than others and some may not be able to use the Darsonval Ray because their skin is too sensitive. With any type of treatment it is recommended to consult your physician before use.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

My experience and opinion on this product: I have talked about this device and have used this device for years and it works for me. The electrical current of the device stimulates the blood flow and the hair follicle. I see the results because it thickens my hair and brings back the natural color (hair that is receding becomes almost translucent looking). The color of the ray, violet or orange, is just preference, they do the same thing, they are just different types of gases in the electrode, so they produce a different color, they are both just as effective as a treatment.  However, some people may not be able to use this because of scalp irritation, but the percentage is small. For those people I recommend trying the HairMax Laser Comb. I recommend using the violet ray as a complement or in addition to a topical hair loss treatment and not as a standalone treatment. The violet ray will stimulate and increase the life of your hair but you still must do something to inhibit the production of DHT because if you don’t it will be a slowly losing battle.

Darsonval Violet Ray
Base Model(Bubble recommended)

Price: $64.99

Darsonval Orange Ray
Deluxe Model

Price: $84.99

Click here to view and print the custom instructions for the Darsonval Violet Ray.