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Minoxidil is the first and only topical solution to be FDA approved for the treatment of Male and Female Pattern Hair Loss. It is used twice daily directly applied on the scalp. It has been clinically proven to work on the vertex of your scalp, which is the back of your head, which is the classic bald spot on men. The solution stimulates the hair follicle to produce hair. In its clinical trials the original maker of Minoxidil proved that it has a high success rate of 85%, which in medicine is huge. When first made available it was prescription only, made under the brand name Rogaine. But it is now available over-the-counter and as a generic. For men is it a 5% solution and for women it is a 2% solution. This product is available in most stores, like Walgreens, CVS, and large retailers like Walmart and Target. The last time I checked it was around $20 for a 90-day supply in the stores.  However on Ebay and Amazon I have seen the Kirkland brand of minoxidil for around $15 for a 90-day supply and $26 for a 180-day supply.  These prices are for liquid Minoxidil and not the foam.

My experience and opinion on this product: This is a product that I believe in and used when it first came out as a prescription.  The nice thing about this product is for most people it has no side effects, except for scalp irritation in a small percentage of people that use it. The downside of this product (for men and women): when using minoxidil as an only treatment it only works on the back of your scalp. Most people that suffer from hair loss do so on the entire scalp and not just the back of the scalp. However, when using Minoxidil mixed with other ingredients, like the Azelaic Acid Topical Formulation or the Finasteride Topical Formulation available on this website, for me and numerous other people, it works on the entire scalp and not just the back. I realized this years ago when I would mix other ingredients into my Minoxidil prescription back when it first came out.  So if you are losing your hair just on the back of your scalp then this is a great product for you. However, like most people, if your hair loss is on the entire scalp then I recommend trying a topical product that treats the entire scalp like the prescription topical products on this website.  If you want to use plain Minoxidil then I recommend getting it on Amazon, you can get the Kirkland’s brand for around $25 for a 6 month supply.