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Nonsurgical Hair Replacement with Hair Club

Hair Club offers different services in relation to hair loss, but they are famous for providing nonsurgical hair replacement.  This service involves infusing real human hair, with a bonding agent, to the remaining hair on your scalp, or in clearer terms, gluing hair to your head or to existing hair.  This service works for all levels of hair loss and the service they provide just depends on the amount of hair loss.  It is my opinion that Hair Club is the most experienced clinic in the business for nonsurgical hair replacement.

My experience and opinion on this service: My life long philosophy has always been to save the hair you have and try to regrow what you have lost.  Your real hair will always look better than having hair glued to your head or to existing hair.  I met with Hair Club and while there I got to look closely at some patients.  I will admit for some of them the results were virtually undetectable.  However, using this service as a treatment for hair loss does require a life style change.  For most people it requires daily maintenance to keep the hair bonded to the scalp.  This treatment would never work for me because I am a surfer and I just picture myself being out in the water for hours and my hair slowly coming undone from my scalp.  How embarrassing it would be.  However, if we can’t save the hair you have or if we are too late in saving the hair you have then Hair Club is a good option if being bald isn’t good for you.

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